Braids Hairstyles 2017

Braids Hairstyles 2017.Looking for a new way to style you hair today? Right now and right here meet braids hairstyles 2017! We will see 7 most awesome ideas how to make braids without actually braiding. Yes, pull through does not require any plaiting skills.Braids Hairstyles 2017

Brunette Hair Colors 2017

Brunette Hair Colors 2017.Brunette hair colors are a good start towards makeover for the coming fall 2016. Playing with hair shades is one of the integral parts of each lady’s life, no matter whether you are sick of inborn tone or just want to update for a season. You may say brown hair is boring, not meant for summer, dull. And I will tell you that September is coming, the new season of business and job and looking serious will be a great asset. Brunette Hair Colors 2017

Teen Hairstyles Trends 2017

Teen Hairstyles Trends 2017.What are the teen hairstyles trends for 2017? This is the question that any teenage girl should start asking already given that school starts shortly and it is high time to plan the looks. And though the famous song says “Wake me up when September comes”, I have to warn you that waking up in September can be too late to start looking for the best hairstyles for teens for the coming academic year.Teen Hairstyles Trends 2017

Short Pixie Haircuts 2017

Short Pixie Haircuts 2017.Many will say that short hair is boring and never offers the diversity that longer hair can suggest. Short cuts lovers will argue with you here. Actually, short haircuts proof to be very different and will offer you the widest choice of looks for each occasion. Short Pixie Haircuts 2017

2017 Summer Hair Colors

2017 Summer Hair Colors .Even though we are deeply stuck in winter, we should think of the warmest time of the year to come soon. You know, time flies and everything passes so quickly that you will pen your eyes one day and see that you have missed all the hottest hair trends. 2017 Summer Hair Colors

Hottest Rose Gold & Pink Hair Color Trends 2017

Hottest Rose Gold & Pink Hair Color Trends 2017.Pink hair is cool, it is fun and maybe..punk? Well, this is true of you come to think of pink as of one solid and extra bright color. I reality, pink can be soft and pale.Hottest Rose Gold & Pink Hair Color Trends 2017

Spring 2017 Hair Colors Trend

Spring 2017 Hair Colors Trend.Looking for a new hair inspiration? Still in doubt what color to choose this spring? Well, there are many trendy options for hair color  2017, from the ultimate trend of blorange to classy dark hair.Spring 2017 Hair Colors Trend

Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017.All cute words can be used to describe the beauty of messy bob hairstyles. They are chic, trendy and super feminine. If you have natural wavy texture then you will not meet troubles while creating any of these looks. But even if you have naturally straight hair you can still achieve a messy bob style.Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017


TRENDY MEN’S HAIRCUTS 2017.Men as well as women who are trying to keep up with the fashion, to always look stylish and attractive. Trendy hairstyle can provide more attention to the stronger sex. Moreover, it helps to adjust the shape of the face, to get rid of the disadvantages of asymmetry and give confidence.TRENDY MEN’S HAIRCUTS 2017


CHRISTMAS HAIRSTYLES 2017.Adhesive Tape gives a wide scope for imagination in the process of applying to the surface of the nail plate of unique designs and patterns. In the coming season, a popular type of design, created with the use of adhesive tape strips are of different types. Nail short length they will be placed in a vertical position to the length of the other – horizontally. The appearance of stripes depends largely on the imagination and thought manicure.CHRISTMAS HAIRSTYLES 2017