Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017.All cute words can be used to describe the beauty of messy bob hairstyles. They are chic, trendy and super feminine. If you have natural wavy texture then you will not meet troubles while creating any of these looks. But even if you have naturally straight hair you can still achieve a messy bob style.Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017


TRENDY MEN’S HAIRCUTS 2017.Men as well as women who are trying to keep up with the fashion, to always look stylish and attractive. Trendy hairstyle can provide more attention to the stronger sex. Moreover, it helps to adjust the shape of the face, to get rid of the disadvantages of asymmetry and give confidence.TRENDY MEN’S HAIRCUTS 2017


CHRISTMAS HAIRSTYLES 2017.Adhesive Tape gives a wide scope for imagination in the process of applying to the surface of the nail plate of unique designs and patterns. In the coming season, a popular type of design, created with the use of adhesive tape strips are of different types. Nail short length they will be placed in a vertical position to the length of the other – horizontally. The appearance of stripes depends largely on the imagination and thought manicure.CHRISTMAS HAIRSTYLES 2017


MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017.Whether short haircuts trendy this year? Yes, fashionable! Most designers agree on the idea that short hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular not only in the fashion catwalk, but also among the Hollywood stars. Let’s talk about what hairstyles are in fashion in the year.MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017


WEDDING HAIRSTYLES 2017 .High wedding hairstyles in 2017 more complex than others, so for their creation requires significantly more time. But the final version is worth it. Elegantly collected hair in a bun or high ponytail make the face and neck more open. The image – a sophisticated, feminine and gentle. According to stylists is ideal for a wedding event. Perfect smoothness, open face – and all the attention is focused on the


HAIRCUT WINTER 2017.Side braids have a long history. In Russia, women braided hair in a braid for the holidays and during divination, decorating them with flowers and ribbons. Modern ladies use this hairstyle as a daily.Hair braids side has many variations. Take, for example, evening hairstyle. How to create an evening hairstyle in 5 minutes? Very simple. To do this, visually divide the hair into two equal parts, on the one hand at the temple take a small section of hair and divide it into three parts.haircut-winter-2017-4


HAIRSTYLES AND HAIRCUTS FOR MEN 2017.Selection of hairstyles is important. Correctly matched to the type of face and hair texture, fashionable hairstyle able to revive and refine the exterior, give it a unique charm.A variety of hairstyles for men 2017 – offer plenty of options for individual choice.hairstyles are relevant, they are chosen by many Hollywood and sports stars. Grooming can be very short all over the head, when all the hair shaved at the machine or on the line of the forehead and left behind a long hair.hairstyles-and-haircuts-for-men-2017-6


HAIR COLOR 2016-2017 WINTER.In the new season at the peak of popularity of natural hair color!When choosing a new fashionable color, note the coloring and hair milirovanie bright colors – a trend of the season!Many colorists in the season to try to offer new solutions in terms of hair coloring. Well, we’ll discuss the most striking of them!Hair coloring is today the basic procedure. And if earlier, many women were afraid to lose the natural hair color, but now happy to go to the new


WEDDING HAIRSTYLES FOR BRIDE 2016.Hairstyles for long hair are very diverse, but it is long hair is preferred by many a bride to create a festive image. And today we’ll talk about how to create a festive hairstyle for long hair, as well as discuss the trend of laying

Shaved Hair Designs 2017

Shaved Hair Designs 2017.The undercut hairstyle has made a comeback for both men and women. From the vintage-inspired men’s hairstyles to women cutting off their long locks and opting for shaved sides, the undercut is both versatile and feminine.