2015 Funky Short Hairstyles


I will not surprise you if I say that short haircut is the most popular design of past years and this season too short haircut is going to be dominating. Millions of girls and women choose short hairstyle so dare to wear one of these funky short haircuts of 2015 and be the first to have the hottest haircut.

2015 Funky Short Hairstyles 2015 Funky Short Hairstyles

There are so many examples of short haircut both edgy and elegant and you will never feel lack of information. You can search the web and get some inspiration from celebs who wear fantastic short haircuts. I also prepared a dose of inspiration for you so take a closer look at these pics and choose the best option for you.

2015 Funky Short Hairstyles 2015 Funky Short Hairstyles

Make asymmetry your secret weapon to emphasize your strong individuality and inner world. Keep on hand stronghold texturizer and styling gel to styleasymmetric layered hair. You can style it spiky, tousled or sleek for sexy look. You can go bolder and wear half-shaved haircut that is oh so popular among celebs.

If you are not ready for dramatic makeover, you can begin with short bob haircutthat also looks trendy and stylish. Again, layered haircut is the best to have voluminous hairstyle. You can style it in numerous ways like sleek, flipped back, wavy, curly or tousled for more relaxed look. If you have natural curly or wavy hair, you can use shine serum or curl enhancer to have natural and elegant hairstyle. The length of short bob will give you a chance to style it in elegant and formal hairstyle if needed.

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