2015 Summer Hairstyles


We have already celebrated new 2015 year and we are getting ready to new season with brand new images, styles and innovations. Coming spring and summer is going to be hot with new designer collections, makeup trends and surely new hairstyles offered by trendsetters. Now I want to show you several new hairstyles from the latest fashion shows that are going to be popular. All those hairstyles are created by hair gurus and they are definitely worth to be considered.

2015 Summer Hairstyles

2015 Summer Hairstyles2015 Summer Hairstyles

For the beginning I want to show you mermaid hairstyle that was chosen by several hair stylists. Mermaid style is actually beach wavy hairtsyle. The reason why it is called mermaid style is cented parted and a bit slicked style. You will look like you have just come out of the water. The best way to get similar do is to create two big braids and leave overnight.

Another popular hairstyle for 2015 summer is low ponytail that is optional, stylish and perfectly suitable for hot weather.

More polished styles that will look trendy are loose sleek hairstyles. In this case too center parting is chosen. Still if you think that center parting is not suitable for your face shape you can go for side parting or add a bang.

2015 Summer Hairstyles2015 Summer Hairstyles 

2015 Summer Hairstyles 2015 Summer Hairstyles

2015 Summer Hairstyles2015 Summer Hairstyles (11)

What about trendy haircuts for 2015? Stylists represented really bold styles like super short crop cut hair that looks highly sexual. Another trendy haircut that was shown on several fashion shows is bob haircut. For 2015 summer designers showed blunt cut short bob that is modern interpretation of retro bob.

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