2016 Curly Hairstyles


It’s not a secret that curly hairstyles are more feminine and they allure many hearts. But when it comes to short hair it looks hotter and even more engaging. If you already have a short haircut then perhaps you are thinking of styling it in prettier ways.  Check them out and fins your style.

2016 Curly Hairstyles
There is something very hot in short curly pixie hairstyles. They are so luxurious and cute. These curls are ideal for different parties and they bring out the softness of your haircut. They are best achieved on layered haircuts and prettier with curled fringe. Iven if you have a straight pixie haircut you may go for a curly pixie and look more beautiful.

Short Crimped Hairstyle Who said crimped hairstyles are only for long hair? They are super cool on short bob haircuts as well as on pixie hairstyle. If women with long hair spend too much time to get the perfect crimped hairstyle short-haired ladies can get the same in faster. Crimped hairstyles are often chosen for special occasions and they are more popular in 2016 than, for example 10 years ago.
2016 Curly Hairstyles
Among braided hairstyles the most appropriate one is the waterfall braid for short haircuts. It works with bob hairstyles and is very spiffy in its nature. Wearing a waterfall braid you will attract many people around you and will stand out from the crowd. It’s a prom hairstyle and can be sported by young ladies who have bob haircuts.

Bombshell Curls for Short Hair2016 Curly HairstylesNeed much volume? Need much attention? Opt for the seductive bombshell curly hairstyle. This bed head hairdo is the favorite style of the majority of men. The messiness and the carefree nature of this hairstyle captures many hearts and keeps eyes on you. Layered bob haircuts look nicer and if you don’t have layers on your bob you may add them to style your hair in different ways.

Finger Waves for Short Pixie2016 Curly HairstylesFinger waves, as you know, are vintage hairstyles that come from the 60’s style. Today they are in thing and smart women use them to beautify their short haircuts. If you are in search of a trendy party hairstyle for your short pixie cut here is a stunning hairstyle for you.

Bob Haircut with Curls2016 Curly HairstylesStraight bob haircut is classy hairstyle for sure. But when you need a more playful and eye-catching hairstyle you can opt for curls. Tight curls will gift your hair volume and glam. They are perfect on any hair color be it dark or light and bring out your shiny locks. These short curly bobs are very trendy in 2016.

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