Ombre Hairstyles 2015


Still there is some time left to get your wardrobe upgraded and choose among the coolest teen hairstyles to surprise friends at school and catch attention of everybody around.  But besides hairstyles ideas you should think of hair color as well. Hair trends 2015 brought forward a deep tendency to Ombre Hairstyles 2015

Ombre half updo back to school hairstyles 205

With ombre highlights you can have half up half down hairstyles and make the contrasting colors mix in each other.

Ombre Hairstyles 2015

For teen girls ombre hair color works perfect. You can have traditional ombre with natural hair base, like brown hair color with caramel highlights is amazing. You can have reverse ombre to look cooler, and you can try bold hair colors for fun. It’s not necessary to die hair, you can have ombre hair extensions. Here are some Ombre Hairstyles 2015 that you may like.

Brown ombre back to school hairstyles 2015

Brown hair color with caramel highlights look amazing on long bob haircuts. For back to school this lobs are ideal.

Ombre Hairstyles 2015

Twists back to school hairstyles 2015

Twist on loose hair are very easy to create, and they are as pretty as braided hairstyles, but require less skills and time to style in the morning before school.

Ombre Hairstyles 2015

Braided headband back to school hairstyles 2015

Ombre Hairstyles 2015

Long ombre back to school hairstyles 2015

School year begins but you still want to look funky? Then go for bold ombre hair color. Red to brown ombre and violet to blonde will loo fantastic at school.

Ombre Hairstyles 2015

Top knots back to school hairstyles 2015

Perhaps the easiest hairstyles to create but with ombre highlights they look very defined and cute. Simplicity makes them good hairstyles for back to school.

Ombre Hairstyles 2015

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