Boho Hairstyles 2015


Though it is winter and we are struggling against cold weather with hats and scarves you can now check out some of the cutest boho hairstyles 2015 that are going to be popular for coming spring and summer.

Boho Hairstyles 2015

For the last few years boho hairstyles are of great popularity and for new season too they were chosen to complete looks on the catwalk and lookbooks of spring/summer fashion collections.

One of the most important details of boho hairstyle is a braid so you need to learn some plaiting skills and try to recreate the best boho hairstyle. There are two options you can go for. If you have gorgeous long hair and you want to wear it loose you can create braided bang hairstyle and complete it with messy beach waves. It can be a single braid or create side swept hairstyle with a braid on one side.

Boho Hairstyles 2015

Another style of braided hairstyle is messy side braid. This simple up-do hairstyle can be created in five minutes. If you are tired of loose hair you can easily transform it in a loose braid even without a mirror.

What about waves? Surely wavy hairstyle is next must have detail for bohemian hairstyle. Waves should be totally natural; it means you should go for no heat waves. The easiest way is to braid damp hair and leave for couple of hours. After unplaiting hair you can spritz sea salt and tousle with fingers for natural look. At last, you can complete wavy hair with braided bang or leather headband. Few words about accessories. Go for earth tone hair accessories like headband, ribbon, scarves and feather extensions.

boho hairstyles

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