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New Bold Hair Color Ideas 2015


Add a gorgeous and bold twist to your hair by wearing one of the bold hair colors of this season 2015. You should be ready to be on the center of attention and keep all eyes on you. The most important thing about this hairstyle is to choose colors that will be in deep contrast with the base tone.

New Bold Hair Color Ideas 2015New Bold Hair Color Ideas 2015

Ombre hair color 2015


Celebrities rock the red carpet with ombre hair color that looks so glamorous and natural. Take a look at celebrities wearing this hair color with light waves and curls.

Ombre hair color 2015Ombre hair color 2015

If you want to wear this hairstyle, turns to your stylist who will help you to create this stylish and trendy look. Your hair color will become more natural when dark roots appear. Ombre hair color is considered to be the one for summer that will look magnificent with any hairstyle.

Celebrities Curly Hairstyles 2015


Curly hairstyles are always trendy no matter fashion tendencies. They make any woman look feminine and charming. Though it takes much time to style it, many women would do anything to get the desired look. It is hard with us to know what we want. Hair trends 2015 sported long hairstyle ideas and natural looks and some of them were bombshell waves as a mainstream style of spring and summer 2015.Celebrities Curly Hairstyles 2015

Bellow we see Diane von Furstenberg bouncy curls which can turn all eyes on you. They show us natural, but boosting hair volume makes it look very sexy and attractive.

Punky Hairstyles 2015


Punk hairstyles that used to be more extreme are now commonplace, and worn by most o women. They are always on the runway, fashion magazines and in real life. If you like to be different and your personal style is eccentric take a look at this hottest punk hairstyles. Punky Hairstyles 2015

Neon Peacock is the wonderful contrast to brown hair with flashes of brilliant blue, turquoise and purple. Style it now!  Use a lightweight volumizng lotion on damp hair and create a side parting. After that blow dry hair using a paddle or a round brush. Rake the fingers through hair creating a light separation, set your style with a high hold hairspray. This style works best on fine to medium hair and it is suitable for round oval and heart face shapes.

Trendy Hair Color 2015


Ladies who have brunette hair color frequently choose burgundy colors in hair dying. Ladies with blonde and brown hair color sometimes go for burgundy shades to add a modern life to their style. Redheads also go for warm wine colors and shades choosing cinnamon tones. Trendy Hair Color 2015The undertones with burgundy shades look warm and cool, and the bolder shades will make a real trendsetter for you. With the help of this color you can achieve a retro look or party appearance with its vivid shade.  This color at first used mainly by brunettes, but nowadays even blondes come to choose it to get the brightest images.

2015 Styling Ideas for Long Hair


If you are bored of your long tresses, take a look at these fabulous hairstyle ideas 2015. Professional stylists as well as high quality hair care products will help you to create one of the trendy and stylish hairstyles of this year.

2015 Styling Ideas for Long Hair 2015 Styling Ideas for Long Hair

Since hairstyle is the best way to highlight your personality, try to choose the one to emphasize your femininity and individuality. You can always get an inspiration from celebrities that sport gorgeous long hairstyles on the red carpet.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs 2015


Medium hairstyles with bangs 2015 are the most versatile hairstyles that will give you an opportunity to experiment with your image and change it on any occasion.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs 2015Medium Hairstyles with Bangs 2015

This season medium hairstyles are combined with different styles of wispy bangs that will frame your face and accentuate your best features.

Ombre Trends for 2015


Here you can check out new ombre hair colors for 2015. They are quite different and makes us wonder all we need is to bring our imagination and start coloring. The first look has under layering ombre.This ombre looks awesome with light medium brown roots with top layer of hair gently lightened to a pretty caramel shade ending below the shoulders.  Ombre  Trends for 2015

Blonde ombre is the most popular one and it’s worn by many celebrities. With long hair gently twisted and pinned back from the face allows the underneath blonde highlight play with the caramel top layer.

Updo Hairstyles 2015


Both updos and braided hairstyles are extremely charming and versatile, and the combination of these two will be something simply irresistible. With braids being always very stylish, learning a few creative ideas of sporting this trend is certainly advised.

Updo Hairstyles 2015

At first sight a low braided updo may seem to be quite a difficult hairstyle to sport, however it doesn’t require much profound hair styling skills or techniques. All you need is a little time for practicing, after which you can get this chic ‘do in no time. So if you are ready to learn how to style a low braided updo, grab your bobby pins and a hair elastic and go crazy!

Gypsy Shag Haircuts 2015


Gypsy shag haircuts 2015 were very popular in 70s and they made a huge comeback this season. Classy gypsy haircut is completed with modern details and now has its own place in hair trend. Gypsy shag hairstyle can be created on any hair length, you just need to keep in mind few rules and be sure you will have smashing look.
Hairstyles 2015Hairstyles 2015


The main detail in gypsy haircut is layering, mainly shaggy layering. The number of layering is very important; the more you have shaggy layers, the better your gypsy haircut will look. This trick will be more suitable for thick hair. If you are blessed with natural curly or wavy hair, your hairstyle will look even more glamorous and sexy.