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Spring 2017 Hair Colors Trend


Spring 2017 Hair Colors Trend.Looking for a new hair inspiration? Still in doubt what color to choose this spring? Well, there are many trendy options for hair color  2017, from the ultimate trend of blorange to classy dark hair.Spring 2017 Hair Colors Trend

Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017


Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017.All cute words can be used to describe the beauty of messy bob hairstyles. They are chic, trendy and super feminine. If you have natural wavy texture then you will not meet troubles while creating any of these looks. But even if you have naturally straight hair you can still achieve a messy bob style.Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2017



TRENDY MEN’S HAIRCUTS 2017.Men as well as women who are trying to keep up with the fashion, to always look stylish and attractive. Trendy hairstyle can provide more attention to the stronger sex. Moreover, it helps to adjust the shape of the face, to get rid of the disadvantages of asymmetry and give confidence.TRENDY MEN’S HAIRCUTS 2017



CHRISTMAS HAIRSTYLES 2017.Adhesive Tape gives a wide scope for imagination in the process of applying to the surface of the nail plate of unique designs and patterns. In the coming season, a popular type of design, created with the use of adhesive tape strips are of different types. Nail short length they will be placed in a vertical position to the length of the other – horizontally. The appearance of stripes depends largely on the imagination and thought manicure.CHRISTMAS HAIRSTYLES 2017

Shaved Hair Designs 2017


Shaved Hair Designs 2017.The undercut hairstyle has made a comeback for both men and women. From the vintage-inspired men’s hairstyles to women cutting off their long locks and opting for shaved sides, the undercut is both versatile and feminine.


Hair Color Ideas For 2017


Choose your color for this Hair Color Ideas For 2017. Today we want to draw your attention to trendy hair color ideas which add a huge dose of glamor and intrigue everyone around you. Some experts say, that cold time isn’t the right period for revealing the fresh beauty, they say you need to make it look more shading and darker, adding that cool winter blues accents.portrait of beautiful delicate woman

Shaved Hairstyles For Women 2017


Shaved Hairstyles For Women 2017.Whether hair is untied or looped, hairstyle should depict the ultimate sophistication. The entire look of face is changed with the haircut so always choose the best for your head as it is going to be an ingr edient of impression building. These days you can see the celebrities are coming out with outrageous and totally different hairstyles. They look good because they carry it really well.shaved-hairstyles-for-women-2017-1

Hair Color for Fall/Winter 2016-2017


Hair Color for Fall/Winter 2016-2017.The latest trend in the world of fashion is to rock the mahogany hair color which has very eye-catching shades. This color is experimented with many Hollywood stars and now is copied by most stylish women. It has several shades closer to burgundy hair color. Choosing any shade of this hair color you will have a vibrant shade which will grab much attention. Mahogany hair color is perfect especially for the fall season when the leaves change their colors into reddish brown and red and if you want a dark hair color you can try it in Hair Color for Fall/Winter 2016-2017hair-color-for-fallwinter-2016-2017-2

Spring 2016 : HAIR TRENDS


Spring 2016 : HAIR TRENDS .That’s why we’re all witnessing the A-list crowd warming up deep browns and darkening their blonde. Cameron Diaz comes to mind as a perfect illustration.Rich auburn tones are a serious envy (anyone thinking of Emma Stone right now?), so are the blonde nailing celebs. Platinum shade that’s January Jones rocking around is simply to die for.

Spring 2016 HAIR TRENDS (1)

Ponytail Hairstyles 2015


Summer  Ponytail Hairstyle 2015
The great flirty and feminine ponytail hairstyle looks polished and elegant. The cute braid is woven tight to the scalp above the forehead and along the sides towards the back. The ladylike side ponytail is super fun and chic. Style a small braid on the side of your head and tie it back into a low ponytail.

Summer  Ponytail Hairstyle 2015