Chic Curly Hairstyle Idea 2015


If you have curly hair and want to choose trendy and nice hairstyle then follow to my suggestion. I have just picked off the best curly hairstyle 2015 to wear it spring or summer time. Style this look and learn helpful tips following the bellow mentioned.  Chic Curly Hairstyle Idea 2015

Use a curl enhancing cream on damp hair and comb through and be sure it’s evenly distributed throughout each strand. Using a dryer and diffuser blow dry it or leave it air dry. For the tight curls use the dryer and avoid touching to keep frizz at bay.

Then create a section in front and separate a small subsection out and separate into three strands and begin to French braid adding hair as you go. Just be sure you hold the hair being braided close to scalp to keep it tight. After that secure with small elastic and pull to tight.

If your hair is prone to frizz you can take a frizz serum into hands and rub hands together and apply it to your hair. Any face shapes can rock this hairstyle. The very thick curly hair works on this style the best. If you want to keep the ends of hair from sticking together or frizzing keep up those end trims. Small trim every six or seven weeks will make it looking great as the curly hair tends to dry out easily.

Chic Curly Hairstyle Idea 2015Chic Curly Hairstyle Idea 2015Chic Curly Hairstyle Idea 2015

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