Gray Hairstyles 2015


2015 color trends are versatile and contrastive; alongside with natural and subtle tones trends represent palette of quite bold and nontraditional shades that will blow your mind. One of such ultra-hot and trendy colors is gray that is getting more and more popular. Recently many celebrities have chosen gray as an alternative hair color.

Gray Hairstyles 2015

The best thing about gray hair color is that you can easily hide your gray hair without going for regular touch ups. This is may be the reason why gray hair color is one of the main trends of 2015. There are several ways to wear gray hair color and the final result will depend only on your preferences. Here are some ideas of modern gray hairstyles and the ways to wear such fashionable look.

Let’s begin with elegant and less dramatic gray hairstyles. One of the best ways to wear gray color is to combine it with blonde. Light blonde can be spiced up with gray highlights; it can be either dip dying or thin highlighted strands spread all over hair.

Gray Hairstyles 2015Gray Hairstyles 2015

Gray highlights will look fantastic with black hair but this style is hard to pull off and you should be ready to wear such dramatic image. Hair highlighting is surely perfect way to wear gray color but block colored gray hair has greater impact than multi chromatic hairstyle. In this case too you will have several options. You can choose darker gray that is close to black; such hairstyle will look stylish and less dramatic. For more fashionable look you should definitely go lighter and choose silver blonde or light gray color. You will find several celebrity images that will inspire you to wear modern gray hairstyle.

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