Gypsy Shag Haircuts 2015


Gypsy shag haircuts 2015 were very popular in 70s and they made a huge comeback this season. Classy gypsy haircut is completed with modern details and now has its own place in hair trend. Gypsy shag hairstyle can be created on any hair length, you just need to keep in mind few rules and be sure you will have smashing look.
Hairstyles 2015Hairstyles 2015


The main detail in gypsy haircut is layering, mainly shaggy layering. The number of layering is very important; the more you have shaggy layers, the better your gypsy haircut will look. This trick will be more suitable for thick hair. If you are blessed with natural curly or wavy hair, your hairstyle will look even more glamorous and sexy.

Next important factor in gypsy shag haircut is volume. There is no need to use a lot of styling products, just use round brush and blow dry hair upside down crunching it. You can also use volumizing mousse to add extra volume to thin hair.

Gypsy haircut will be amazing complement to any outfit. You can easily transform it to elegant sleek hairstyle or glamorous wavy design. If you have shoulder length hair you can also wear beautiful gypsy styles like loose ponytail or braided bang for bohemian look. Your gypsy shag hairstyle will be incomplete without accessory like headband or colorful scarf.

Hairstyles 2015  Hairstyles 2015  Hairstyles 2015


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