HAIR COLOR 2016-2017 WINTER.In the new season at the peak of popularity of natural hair color!When choosing a new fashionable color, note the coloring and hair milirovanie bright colors – a trend of the season!Many colorists in the season to try to offer new solutions in terms of hair coloring. Well, we’ll discuss the most striking of them!Hair coloring is today the basic procedure. And if earlier, many women were afraid to lose the natural hair color, but now happy to go to the new

Girls hair dyed in pink, blue, green, etc. Color. The main thing is that the stylists recommend – is not afraid to express themselves. Chromatic coloring also in trend. This mixing of several bright colors that look amazing. Color trend this year – purple!hair-color-2016-2017-winter-8 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-9 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-10 a-440 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-1 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-2 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-3 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-4 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-5 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-6 hair-color-2016-2017-winter-7New this year – tinting hair mascara. With it you can easily paint the hair strands in the desired shade. In addition, it is well washed off. Fashionable highlights of this year – California. Yes, this technique of dyeing is popular already that season and is suitable for light hair only.However, it is the safest method for coloring strands, which are not harmful to our health. In a fashion weave thin strands, which creates the effect of light glare.This image looks very beautiful. Also popular Venetian and weave that is ideal for blond and brown hair.In this case, the hair meliruyutsya golden hues that perfectly complement the natural hair color.Staining of the new season trend becomes balayazh equipment. This type of hair coloring involves a smooth transition from the darker shade to light. Do not miss the fashion trend of 2017!

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