Hair Color Blue Hues 2017


Blue Hues

At first glance, blue might seem like such an odd color to try out, but over the last couple of years celebrities and runway models have sported the look and have actually made blue quite wearable. When mixed with chocolate and dark black strands, blue really pops and it can make for one edgy hot hair trend.

Hair Color Trends 2016

Rose Gold

Second  on our list of new bold hair colors to try out is rose gold. From jewelry to fashion, and even makeup, rose gold is one of the hottest colors  appearing in the last few years, and the look has even made its way into hair color choices. Rose gold is a nice mix between blonde and red, and it’s more vibrant and eye catching than strawberry blonde.  You can even mix your blonde strands with a bit of rose gold for a fun twist. While this color can be high maintenance, and very hard to obtain, once chosen we promise you’ll be glad you made the switch.

Hair Color Trends 2016
Hair Color Trends 2016

Platinum Blonde

Everyone knows that in the summer blondes truly have more fun. So why not take things up a notch by going platinum. Platinum  is one of  hottest new hair hues, and we can pretty much thank Miley Cyrus for making this color  a head turning statement.

Hair Color Trends 2016
Hair Color Trends 2016
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