Hair Color Ideas for 2016


Are you thinking of a new hair color for your gloomy locks? Liven them up with new  hair colors in 2016. Choose the most suitable shades according to your taste and complexion and rock a stylish hairstyle. Crazy hairstyles are in and they are experimented on any length of hair. These unique looks are achieved due to two-tone hair colors and if you, too, want to grab more attention the copy one of these looks.
Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Let’s start from the most popular two-tone hair color. It’s the well-balanced blonde and brown combo. Brown is a warm shade and blonde is a cooler hue and when they are taken together they provide you with nice chocolate hair color. This is a subtle hairstyle and looks more delicate on soft curly hair. If you have bangs you can dye it in two tone as well.

Red  Hair ColorHair Color Ideas for 2016Take two shades of red and dye your hair in a two-tone hair color. You may go for dark roots and light ends and the result will be a unique ombre hairstyle. This is sometimes called fire and flame hair coloring and its effect is very delightful on long hair.

Blonde Black Hair ColorHair Color Ideas for 2016Blonde black contrasting hair coloring is an eye-catching option for ladies who want to draw attention. This combo works with long hair as well as with short haircuts and looks beautiful both on straight and curly hairstyles. If you want to go for this hair coloring then choose the most suitable shades for your complexion to get the desired cool effect.

Black Red  Hair ColorHair Color Ideas for 2016After blonde and brown combination comes black and red two-tone hair color. This is a popular hair coloring idea and is used by many women who want to keep their natural hair color yet need to liven it up. Red chunky highlights can provide you with a flashy two-tone hair color.

Pastel Hair ColorHair Color Ideas for 2016Want to look unique and more eye-catching? Go for pastel shades. Take two different pastel hair color and dye your hair half and half. Don’t forget about your bangs and about color matching. Try to match shades that work with each other.

Blonde Pastel  Hair ColorHair Color Ideas for 2016Stylish females who want to soften their short haircut should definitely think of a subtle hair color. Blonde is a good idea for sure but it may look dull in a monotone effect. So, add some pastel pink hair color to your light blonde hue and enjoy the delicacy of your hairstyle.

Black to Purple  Hair ColorHair Color Ideas for 2016For my black-haired beauties I will offer the mysterious deep purple hair color. It’s a shiny shade to match with your healthy, strong and glossy jet black hair color. You may dye only the ends and the result will be satisfying.


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