Hair Color Trend For Summer 2015


As always, the latest news and trends in the hair is the center of attention, there are those who like change in the basis of the proposed cut to the hairdresser and those who dare with a new brown hair color. Today, I thought I’d suggest some ideas about the color of brown hair, available in many interesting variations.

Hair Color Trend For Summer 2015

First of all, we point out that this Hair Color Trend For Summer 2015 is often full of nuances and reflections, capable of rendering bright and beautiful without the need for sunstroke or whatever. That said; let’s start talking about the dark chocolate brown, one of the most followed trends in recent times. 

Hair Color Trend For Summer 2015

It is a dark brown hair color with chocolate sparkle, perfect for Mediterranean or tanned complexions. Do you want to lighten your hair, without leaving your natural color? Tried the caramel brown, warm and bright to be beautiful and radiant at any occasion.

Brown Hair ColorHair Color Trend For Summer 2015

For those who prefer reddish or plum color, why not try the coppery brown and mahogany that? The first will load reflections that shine in the sun in a very natural way, and the second is almost always darker, perfect for those who want to give a touch more light to dark hair.


Do you love the effect of dark? Bets on brown Smokey, which is a very dark tone reminiscent of the black. Many women tend to get confused when they see this color, but when exposed to the sun reflections Brown will make the masters. Who does not love the colors uniform, the council shatush, blending two different types of brown and getting a result glam and fashion.

Hair Color Trend For Summer 2015

As you have seen, there are many shades of brown in which to inspire for summer 2015 is only up to you to choose which realize, paying attention to the color of your skin. To make the decision easier, I thought of a gallery with the most glamorous colors for upcoming seasons.

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