HAIRCUT WINTER 2017.Side braids have a long history. In Russia, women braided hair in a braid for the holidays and during divination, decorating them with flowers and ribbons. Modern ladies use this hairstyle as a daily.Hair braids side has many variations. Take, for example, evening hairstyle. How to create an evening hairstyle in 5 minutes? Very simple. To do this, visually divide the hair into two equal parts, on the one hand at the temple take a small section of hair and divide it into three parts.haircut-winter-2017-4

Then we start weaving, gradually adding the side braids strands. Plait braid toward the back of the head. When the braid half ready, fasten it with pins. On the other half of the hair and create curls her hair pinned up on the side.
If you want to create a stylish everyday hairstyle, try sloppy braids. For this traditionally plait braids on both sides and secure them with a rubber band. The whole point is to create a relaxed effect.
The side braids – it is also the perfect sport hairstyle. It is comfortable and practical. For this hairstyle will suit the classic form of weaving.HAIRCUT WINTER 2017haircut-winter-2017-1 haircut-winter-2017-2 haircut-winter-2017-3 haircut-winter-2017-5 haircut-winter-2017-6 haircut-winter-2017-7 haircut-winter-2017-8 haircut-winter-2017-9 haircut-winter-2017-10 haircut-winter-2017-11If you are looking for a stylish romantic hairstyle, then pay attention to French braid. If braid braids on the sides and hold them at the back – teaches a romantic hairstyle.
Side braid braids can “fish tail” style braids. This hairstyle has appeared recently, but already has a great popularity among young people. Weaving technique fishtail braid is similar to the technique of creating a spike spit. Nothing complicated, just practice!
Spit in the boohoo style is also ideal for creating original hairstyles. Experts recommend the style fashionistas to create a three-dimensional braid with the effect of negligence.

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