How Ombre Hair 2015


Ombre Hair at Home For Dark Hair, I can tell you that I have always seen it during my high school, during my UNi, during my day to day time and I can believe that this is one thing which were always here and the reason is, it looks beautiful on everyone, normal regular girls to celebrities and it is very easy to handle too, no matter if you have curly hair or absolutely straight, you can get the idea how perfectly it make you look trendy and stylish when you see casual and cozy celebrity like Drew Barrymore.

Ombre Hair at Home For Dark Hair 2015

How  Ombre Hair 2015

Khloe Kardashian, and Lauren Conrad, they all look absolutely perfect with their easy to carry looks, I think that they are the rocking brand ambassadors of ombre hair trend which is basically darker at the top and lighter at the end look which you can achieve in just few steps even at home, and there are some simple natural ways too which can help you get ombre hair without adding any kind of product too, but we are not talking about that today.

How  Ombre Hair 2015

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Here are Some Simple Steps to Get Ombre Hair at Home:

WE will start with preparation: We will start with at least 2 day old hair and it is because it will actually keep your hair safe from extreme damaging, it is a tip for all new comers, no matter which new thing you are trying on your hair, try to keep your hair at least two days old and then it will actually keep them safe from harsh chemicals to seep inside the hair too deep, ombre hair at home for dark hair when you don’t wash your hair for 2 days they become oily and greasy and that oil can protect your hair from the harshness of the bleach and other chemicals too.

How  Ombre Hair 2015

Wear a rough and the wasted clothes cause when you dye your hair or bleach at home, it is not possible that you don’t mark your dress with the product and it will actually ruin your dress too, or you can keep it for your hair dye routine;) cause when you do the ombre hair, it is bound to be messy and old dress would make it easier for you to work perfectly nice and cool mind.

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Brush your hair for good 2 minutes and then make sure your hair is tangles free and knots free, so take all the time you need to brush your hair thoroughly before you start the dye process, it is very important.

How  Ombre Hair 2015

Now you need to cut some foils pieces with different lengths because this small, long stripes look will give you a better look, more natural looking ombre, now you need to section your hair and divide your hair into 4 sections, ombre hair at home for dark hair the first one is the bottom part and then start from below your earlobe, now an inch section out and then take a middle section starts from the middle of the ear and the upper section is the rest except your bangs, you don’t really need to be supper careful in this regard, be as creative as much you can and you will get the best look possible, ombre hair at home for dark hair and rest of your hair will stay dark near the roots anyways so you don’t need to be worried, now divide your hair and twist and secure each section with a hair clip or pins, ombre hair at home for dark hair it’s up to you first of all you need to mix bleach and apply in the sections we made earlier and then give them full 10-20 minutes and wash them off, don’t wash all of your hair, just wash the parts we bleached and now we will take shade you want to, ombre hair at home for dark hair you can enjoy the plain bleach shade too and it look absolutely perfect.

How  Ombre Hair 2015

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