Long hairstyles and round faces 2015


Face shape plays an important role how your style will look. What is the best hairstyle for round face? To determine whether long hairstyle goes with round face you have to know at first the shape of your face. Measure across the top of the cheekbones just past the outer corner of the eye and measure straight across the bridge of the nose to the outer side of the opposite eye.

Long hairstyles and round faces 2015

Next, measure the jaw line by starting on one side of the jaw near the ear and run the measuring tape along the jaw to the center of the chin, then multiply that number by two,

The next step is to measure the forehead by starting on one side of the forehead at the widest point halfway between the hairline and the eyebrows and measure to the same point on the opposite side.Long hairstyles and round faces 2015

The last step is to measure the length of the face from the middle of the hairline, over the nose to the chin.

The face is round if the width of the face is equal to the length of the face.  Even if the totals are close, but not exact, the face is still considered to be round.

Long hairstyles 2015 are of course good solutions for round faces. Long hair makes your face look oval. Minimize the volume of your hair around the face, because it makes your face look wider.

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