MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017.Whether short haircuts trendy this year? Yes, fashionable! Most designers agree on the idea that short hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular not only in the fashion catwalk, but also among the Hollywood stars. Let’s talk about what hairstyles are in fashion in the year.MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017Trendy hairstyles for short hair diverse stylists offer us a huge range of hair styling, as well as a variety of performance styles. One of the most popular trends of the New Year will be a retro style.MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017Fashion in the 20s bob haircut returns to the fashion catwalk. And in like fashion classic bob with a smooth straight bangs, and cutting-edge square with elongated strands. The internet is also a rockabilly hairstyle. It is this haircut was popular in the 70s. If you like the rebellious image – this hairstyle for you! Also note the haircut page.

Haircuts in androgynous style has long been used in women’s fashion. Today, men’s haircuts are very popular among women. Firstly, because of its practicality, well, and secondly, because of the different variations of the pilings. Short haircuts in men’s style represented by such packings as:. Poluboks, military haircuts and hairstyles, etc. The options pilings in men’s style there is a huge amount. This can be a high styling or wet laying, for example.MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017 MEN’S HAIRSTYLES 2017Layered hairstyles look very stylish short hair. For example, a haircut cascade looks great in combination with wet lying.Another popular hairstyle for short hair began to spit. In fashion small braids, braided around her head. At the same time, you can choose the option of weaving that you like. This can be spit-spike, spit in the Greek style, as well as a French braid.Short hairstyles are very diverse, so that you only remains to choose the styling that will fit your personality and lifestyle.

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