Ombre Looks for 2016


Ombre style is now much more evolved and very hairstylist is familiar with its secrets. If before we used to see standard blonde and brown ombre hairstyles to day we meet more creative and unique ideas. There are pastel ombre and reverse ombre hair colors as well which look more eye-catching and stylish. In this post we will introduce you the Ombre Looks for 2016. These are the most ravishing ombre hair colors along with trendy haircuts.

Dark Ombre on Short HairOmbre Looks for 2016In many cases we meet the dark brown ombre style on long hairstyles but as you see it is very stunning for short bob haircuts as well. Brunets who have dark brown bob haircut and want to refresh it can dye their tips into a lighter shade of brown and get a gorgeous ombre hair.

Reverse Ombre on Short Hair

Ombre Looks for 2016You know what we mean by saying reverse ombre? It’s the opposite style of the regular ombre. Instead of dying your roots in a dark and the ends in a lighter shade you are welcome to try blonde roots and dark ends. This is a fantastic hair coloring idea particularly for short haircuts.

Pastel Ombre HairstyleOmbre Looks for 2016If you need a more delicate option of pastel hair colors then combine two tones of pastel in one hairstyle and get a stunning ombre effect for your long hair. The result will appeal to you with its subtleness and incredible beauty.

Silver Ombre Hair Color for Long HairOmbre Looks for 2016Silver ombre is a fantastic style for long hair. Of course, you can try it on short haircuts as well but it’s better to experiment on long straight hair. Dye your roots in a dark grey hair color and bleaching the ends go for a light silver shade. Then straighten your hair and get the astounding airy hairstyle. If you have layers on your locks the effect will be prettier.

Fire and Flame OmbreOmbre Looks for 2016Wear the fire and the flame on your hair and keep all eyes on you. This hairstyle is the warmest and the hottest ombre hairstyle. It’s a marvelous choice for ladies who have long wavy or curly hair and want to show off its beauty. You, girls, will definitely stand out in the crowd.


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