Punky Hairstyles 2015


Punk hairstyles that used to be more extreme are now commonplace, and worn by most o women. They are always on the runway, fashion magazines and in real life. If you like to be different and your personal style is eccentric take a look at this hottest punk hairstyles. Punky Hairstyles 2015

Neon Peacock is the wonderful contrast to brown hair with flashes of brilliant blue, turquoise and purple. Style it now!  Use a lightweight volumizng lotion on damp hair and create a side parting. After that blow dry hair using a paddle or a round brush. Rake the fingers through hair creating a light separation, set your style with a high hold hairspray. This style works best on fine to medium hair and it is suitable for round oval and heart face shapes.

Massive mock mohawk is another great punk hairstyle to try. Before styling apply a texturizing spray on dry hair and let it completely dry. Use a crimper to create texture from roots to mid-lengths and comb out and back comb as needed. From each side gather your hair and create a small braid to keep the sides sleek and secure with bobby pins. Bring the hair in the top and crown area and backcomb remaining length for a full finish. Finish it with light hold hairspray. It can work on fine and thick hair. To add the texture create small deconstructed herringbone braids in the back and let them dangle unfinished.Punky Hairstyles 2015

If you are like style of road and moto, fashion rocker can be the perfect solution for you. Style it applying a volumizing mousse on damp hair. For a big volume, blow dry hair with a round brush. Leave the perimeter smooth backcombing base in the top crown area, then sweep the perimeter over the backcombed area. After that sleek down the sides and back with lightweight gel and a hard hold hairspray. This style suits on fine to medium hair type. Add a spiky headband to look feminine.

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