Shaved Hair Designs 2017


Shaved Hair Designs 2017.The undercut hairstyle has made a comeback for both men and women. From the vintage-inspired men’s hairstyles to women cutting off their long locks and opting for shaved sides, the undercut is both versatile and feminine.


If you want the undercut look but you love your long hair, then you can get creative with the design and style. This will allow you to keep it tucked away when you’d rather show off your tresses or for more formal events and work. Here are some of our favorite undercut hairstyles with long hair:shaved-hair-designs-2017-7If you are in love with the undercut then why not express your love with a heart-rate monitor style undercut shaved under your locks. Take a look at an EKG and choose a style that will capture your heart.Chevron is popular on just about everything these days and your undercut isn’t excluded from this hairstyle. Opt for a chevron of geometric. This look will go higher into your locks at its narrowest point and get wider as the chevron undercut goes down the nape of your neck.shaved-hair-designs-2017-1 shaved-hair-designs-2017-2 shaved-hair-designs-2017-3 shaved-hair-designs-2017-5 shaved-hair-designs-2017-6The most popular to wear this style is by simply shaving one side and parting your hair to your side when you want to show off your undercut but parting it to the center when you need to soften your look. This style is completely up to personal preference. You can take it back to the entire side of your head or just shave a few inches in the front to keep it subtler.


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