Trendy Hair Color 2015


Ladies who have brunette hair color frequently choose burgundy colors in hair dying. Ladies with blonde and brown hair color sometimes go for burgundy shades to add a modern life to their style. Redheads also go for warm wine colors and shades choosing cinnamon tones. Trendy Hair Color 2015The undertones with burgundy shades look warm and cool, and the bolder shades will make a real trendsetter for you. With the help of this color you can achieve a retro look or party appearance with its vivid shade.  This color at first used mainly by brunettes, but nowadays even blondes come to choose it to get the brightest images.

If you are a blonde but you can’t do such drastic changes, you can try semi –permanent hair dye with ombre shades, like purple or pink.Trendy Hair Color 2015

These colors vanish away after some 20 washings and you will not get tired to the constant vivid color. It can be ideal look for brown hair color or light brown or blonde colors. Darker hair, dark brown or black hair can try vinous highlights.On bleached hair or natural blonde looks vivid yet so pure. Rihanna tries many shades of red, but this one is the softest and actually suits her much.
Trendy Hair Color 2015

The other color of hair reminds more auburn, but it’s actually burgundy with cinnamon and orange highlights. It can be suited for darker skin much. You can also find burgundy with auburn highlights.Trendy Hair Color 2015

It can look very stylish if you combine it with black outfit. If you have red hue you can try purple highlights like in the above picture. Such a color combo looks so gorgeous.

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