Two Tone Hair Colors 2015


Let’s break the monotony with multi tonal hair color. 2015 hair trends offer so many gorgeous colors and color combos that you will not get bored. From the greatest varity of color combos I have picked black and blonde color combo. Just imagine two most popular colors that are in a constant battle are now combined to make you rock.

Two Tone Hair Colors 2015 Two Tone Hair Colors 2015

Black and blonde color combination has so many times been chosen by celebrities and beaty bunnies. If we go back to the latest fashion shows we will find fanstastic examples of hair highlights where light is combined with dark. It is some kind of mysterious hairstyle where light is against dark. Whatever, black and blonde will always look hot. 


Two Tone Hair Colors 2015 Two Tone Hair Colors 2015

Two Tone Hair Colors 2015 Two Tone Hair Colors 2015

Both black and blonde colors look bold and daring and such combination just cannot be boring. Icy blonde together with jet black will break the monotony of your look but you should be ready to wear such nontraditional hairstyle. On the other hand you can go for less dramatic hairstyle. Blondes can add few black strands to the lower layers just like Christina Aguilera or Nicole Richie did.

Another beautiful style of hair highlighting where blonde is combined with black is dip dyeing. Here you have two options; either you can choose hairstyle with blonde roots and black edges or vice versa. In both cases you will look equally hot.





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