WEDDING HAIRSTYLES 2017 .High wedding hairstyles in 2017 more complex than others, so for their creation requires significantly more time. But the final version is worth it. Elegantly collected hair in a bun or high ponytail make the face and neck more open. The image – a sophisticated, feminine and gentle. According to stylists is ideal for a wedding event. Perfect smoothness, open face – and all the attention is focused on the

You want to feel like a real princess? Decorate the hair tiara, a metal clasp or pin with rhinestones, which successfully complement your romantic image. Fresh flowers (roses, orchids, lilies), as well as wedding accessories do not lose their relevance. It really is the highlight of the bride image.The main thing – properly chosen decorations.Every girl wants to look gorgeous every day, at the same time, if you can periodically change clothes in the wardrobe, to do the best combination of colors and textures, shades and accessories to play, pick in tone makeup and manicure, haircut with such alterations are often not wedding-hairstyles-2017-1 wedding-hairstyles-2017-2 wedding-hairstyles-2017-3One way to every day be unique, compelling and colorful is a change of hairstyle. Today it is no secret – to be stylish and fashionable, it is necessary to master the basic skills of hairdressing, for example, to do packing and light hair.For the second year at the peak of their popularity among many of the fair sex are hairstyles with braids. That braids have become so popular due to its beauty, but at the same time and ease of wedding-hairstyles-2017-10 wedding-hairstyles-2017-5 wedding-hairstyles-2017-6Most interesting hairstyles of braids can make yourself absolutely any girl. To do this well enough to comb clean hair, which would be up to the shoulders and below.
At the heart of any hairstyles of braids is weaving machinery spikelets. That’s it and take over the base creating hairstyles. Then, depending on the direction of movement of the parting and the number of rows of spikelets and turns in the final result hairstyle.Most interesting hairstyles of braidsThe most beautiful by far the braids of hair on the basis of French braids vice versa. That is, it can give your hair the desired volume, give strands or in the form of a semicircle, or bow.Today, hairstyles options on this basis, a great many, in some cases, very solemn look 2 braided pigtails on the sides and back of the head are joined together.

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