WEDDING HAIRSTYLES FOR BRIDE 2016.Hairstyles for long hair are very diverse, but it is long hair is preferred by many a bride to create a festive image. And today we’ll talk about how to create a festive hairstyle for long hair, as well as discuss the trend of laying

Hairstyle side braid looks very stylish, especially if we are talking about the French braids. This year the stylists recommend paying attention to the volume side braids, which will become the perfect complement wedding hairstyles!wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-4 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-1 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-2 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-3French braids have long proven their relevance. Many Hollywood stars are using the French braid, as in everyday life, and as a hairstyle for the red carpet. This hairstyle is stylish and simple.
But today we want to tell you about another of its variations – French braid vice versa. From its predecessor, it differs only in that the strands are woven in, instead of the usual braid out.Now take the left strand (1) and hold it beneath the middle strand (2). The third strand of the right (3) conduct the first beneath.
wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-17 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-5 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-6 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-7 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-8 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-9 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-11 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-12 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-13 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-14 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-15 wedding-hairstyles-for-bride-2016-16So, it turns out that the side strands we are under the average, one after another. Next, begin to weave the strands from the temples (1), (3) and the central strand of hair in the middle. Fix the braid with a rubber band.It should be noted that today many stylists recommend creating a French braid with a variety of accessories.This may be tape, stylish hoops, and various pins. In any case – to experiment, and you will find a stylish image.Kos is the pride of every woman. Using a variety of braids image of a girl, you can make unique

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